PetroPorn (2017)
4’18, Archive footage / mini DV
En colaboración con Isabel Torres y Lucía Egaña 

PetroPorn is a video essay about a dispersed imaginary of oil and porn. Subliminal connections of tireless and insensitive suck outs and drillings.

“As part of a residency in Tierra del Fuego (chilean part) artists Ana Edwards and Isabel Torres settled down in an oil town company called "Cerro Sombrero". This remote village is the place of origin and decay of the "black gold" where the Patagonian pampa and ENAP (Nacional Oil Company) rule. After their site specific research the artists decided to discard oficial, groped and stale imaginaries about oil and force a connection between the logics of porn and the logics of oil, land and body”.


  • Feminisms! MACBA, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Barcelona.  España . 2018
  • 13 Bienal de Artes Mediales. Cineteca Nacional. Santiago, Chile. 2018
  • 10 Bienal SIART. La Paz, Bolivia. 2018
  • Cinemapocalissi. Venice, Italy. 2020
  • Unseen #6, Croatia 2022
  • HAMACA Plataforma de audiovisual experimental. España 2022